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ACE-CAPS-  This is application of acephate by trunk injection.  It involves drilling and placement of plastic plugs that contain an insecticide that has a very short residual.  The insecticide can be applied to the soil with the same benefits and residual with no drilling of the tree.  

NUTRITIONAL CAPSULES THAT ARE SIMILAR TO ACE-CAPS.  These are sometimes used for micronutrient injection.  The amounts applied are often inadequate and require drilling and placement of plastic plugs like with Ace-caps.  Soil applied or macro-infused iron or manganese is a better alternative.  Also, other micro-infused products provide more micro-nutrients with less damage.  

OIL SPRAYS- This is discussed at length in another page.  Oil sprays can be effective at controlling some insects, but only if applied in the right conditions and with thorough coverage.  This is difficult to accomplish, especially with large trees.  And if those insects truly need control, there are excellent systemic products to use.  

One problem we often see is that companies sell a lot of oil sprays and do not get them done in a timely fashion, resulting in trying to catch up with oil sprays when early fungicides should be applied, missing a window of opportunity for effective fungal disease control.  

SPRAYS FOR SCALE INSECTS-  Insecticide sprays kill beneficial insects and often do not kill many of the scale insects.  There are soil applied and trunk injected systemics that control the scales without harming beneficial insects.  

LATE SEASON FUNGICIDE SPRAYS-  Fungicide sprays need to be applied in the spring to be effective.  After July 1 in Michigan, fungicide sprays have little if any measurable benefit.  


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