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Let's Talk Trees 2010


Let's Talk Trees    Held at Midland Resort and Convention Center on Wednesday, October 20 marked the beginning of a new initiative to encourage quality tree care in the tri-city area. 

Property owners in this part of Michigan have many nice trees and deserve a method to procure quality tree care with confidence that they are getting what they pay for.  All landscapers, tree services, garden centers, and even lawn care professionals deal with trees and shrubs and their care and field questions from homeowners.

Over the next couple of years, we will be trying to establish an organization that will serve as a clearinghouse, a referral source, a quality assurance effort so that consumers of tree care can find licensed, insured professionals who adhere to industry standards and embrace a commitment to customer centered tree and shrub care.

NEARLY ALL GREEN INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS IN THE AREA WERE INVITED TO ATTEND this event.  The event was promoted as an educational opportunity to earn MDA credit and ISA certified arborist credit and a chance to meet and greet colleagues in the green industry.  Even those who did not need or desire the credits were offered an update on current tree care issues including current management options for prevalent problems. 

After the educational presentation, attendees had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their company or organization and tell others a bit about what they do, special equipment or services, etc.


Following is a list of those who did attend.  In all, 35 people attended, including a few spouses and company reps from John Deere landscapes and one from Arborjet.  5 earned certified arborist credit.  10 earned MDA pesticide certification credit.  All showed interest in activities to promote quality tree care in the tri-cities, including additional sessions like this one.  We have a list of most e-mails and will communicate regularly by e-mail.

Bay Landscaping-  Dick Somalski, Jeff Merkle, Bill Fisher

Begick Nursery-  Paul Begick

Dow Gardens-  Ellie Maxwell, Chuck Martin, Ray Jennings

Alden Dow Studio-  Beth Martin

Advanced Arborist- Travis Kelly and Kevin Baird

Kindy Tree Service- Kevin Kindy

Weedman- Mark Kosberg

Kluck Nursery-  Randy Beadle, Brian Schafer, Tom Kluck, Tyler Kluck

City of Midland-  Bart Heil, Bob Allbee, Jeff Histed

Master Gardener- Dan Draves

Maksymum Lawn and Landscape-  Andrew Maksymin

Turfworkz-  Joe Baker

Garpiel Landscaping-  Joe Garpiel

Bohn Tree-  Bob Rau, Paul Cale

Bay County Gypsy Moth- Alicia Wallace, Pat Bilbrey

Tri-City Tree Doctor-  George Beebe, Jolly Richardson, Dave Sutton


INVITED BUT NOT ATTENDING:  Most did not RSVP, so their interests are not known.  We will send additional mailings to all.  We will try to obtain e-mail addresses from those who are interested in a Quality Green Care Organization and further educational sessions.


Cohoon's Elevator/Garden Center

Reder Landscaping

Maple Hill

Servinski Sod

Ron Kutchey Landscaping

Scott's Lawn


Kable Landscaping

Custom Lawn Care

Tri-City Contracting

Jack's Tree Service

Britt Heinz Tree Service

Village Green


Allen Benjamin Tree Service

Truedell's Northern Tree Service

McDonalds Nursery


 TriCity Tree Doctor  Call us at 989-454-0227

United Tree Service  Call us at 810-266-4363