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SPRING OF 2024 has brought with it some surprises.  We have seen some problems that have been somewhat uncommon in recent years coming back to affect landscape trees and shrubs.


MAGNOLIA SCALE has had a major increase this year.  Almost every magnolia tree we have checked is infested.  Fortunately we have some very effective ways to deal with this pest.  It is both a nuisance with the honey dew drippage and sooty mold, but also can kill branches and in some cases, the whole tree.  Visit our page on this problem to learn more.


CRABAPPLE SCAB has seen a major uptick, with many trees that have not had this leaf disease presenting with damaged leaves and defoliation this spring.  Once it has presented, it is too late to control it this year, but a fall injection or spring sprays next year would be helpful.  See our page for management strategies.  If your crab is small and you would like to try to spray it yourself next spring., visit our homeowner tree care page.


JAPANESE BEETLES have emerged early this year and are already skeletonizing leaves on lindens, birches, roses, and other trees and shrubs.  They can be stopped quickly with a soil injected product.  We do not recommend spraying for them.  Also, the Japanese beetle traps are not necessarily a good option.  See our page on this pest.  


PINE SAWFLY LARVAE have stripped the older foliage on some mugho pines and scots pines in landscapes.  We have not seen them for a few years, but they are back.  They are active in the early spring and can be prevented with a fall soil injection or treated with a spring soil injection.  


COTTONY MAPLE SCALE is showing up in some areas after a few years of not many calls about it.  It does not kill the tree, but is a significant nuisance with all the honeydew drippage under maples and locust trees.  






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