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LANDSCAPE HEALTH PRESCRIPTION.  If you have valuable landscape trees and shrubs which you would like to keep healthy, controlling pests and diseases, you may request a visit by our professional arborist for a landscape health prescription. The cost for this service is $150, plus mileage and travel time. He will assess past damage and problems, try to identify early signs of potential new problems, and plan a program tailored to your needs. 

DIAGNOSTIC CONSULTATION.  If you are having specific problems, you may request a diagnostic consultation.  This includes a visit to your property, a careful inspection of specified landscape trees and shrubs, and a written report detailing findings, appropriate educational literature and references, diagnoses and recommendations.  The usual cost for a problem focused consultation is $150, plus mileage and travel time.

CONSULTATION FEE DISCOUNT.  Some or all of the consultation fee may be discounted off of the work we do on your property within three months of the consultation.

QUESTIONS.  If you have a question about a particular problem, please submit it.  We will try to respond quickly and the question will appear on the Q & A page if it is of general interest and may benefit others.

FREE ESTIMATES.  If you would like an estimate or proposal for Integrated Pest Management, Ash Borer injections, Scale control injections, Dutch Elm disease prevention, sprays for fungal diseases of evergreens, other Targeted Treatments, or Fertilization, we can often offer an approximate cost over the phone or can visit your property briefly and submit a proposal.  This is available for straight-forward problems that do not require a detailed diagnostic evaluation.  This would not include a written report and is usually free within the tri-cities. Outside the tri-cities there may be a charge for mileage and travel time.

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