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PHONE VISITWith current cell phone technology, we are able to evaluate and advise with just pictures submitted by text message or email in many cases.  There is no charge for this.   We have saved many miles and much travel time with this technology.  Email pictures can also be helpful.  

LIMITED CONSULT VISIT.  A brief visit to your property to evaluate a problem, diagnose, and recommend how to proceed will cost $50-75, depending on time involved.  If the site is out of our regular service area or requires a special trip, there may be a mileage charge. This does not involve a written report.

TREE RISK ASSESSMENT.  If you have a tree that may present a hazard, we have an arborist who is TRAQ qualified (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification.)  He can assess the risk factors for branch or tree failure and offer suggestions to mitigate the risks.  Cost for this service is usually $150.

DIAGNOSTIC CONSULTATION.  If you are having specific problems, you may request a diagnostic consultation.  This includes a visit to your property, a careful inspection of specified landscape trees and shrubs, and a written report detailing findings, appropriate educational literature and references, diagnoses and recommendations.  (SEE NEXT PAGE FOR FULL DESCRIPTION) The usual cost for a problem focused consultation is $100 to $150, plus mileage and travel time.

CONSULTATION FEE DISCOUNT.  Some or all of the consultation fee may be discounted off of the work we do on your property within three months of the consultation.

FREE ESTIMATES.  Estimates for services are always free, once a diagnosis is established and treatments are defined.  Many treatments depend on certain measurements, and if these can be performed by the homeowner, our time and travel are minimized.  This is available for straight-forward problems that do not require a detailed diagnostic evaluation.  Outside the tri-cities there may be a charge for mileage and travel time if we have to visit the property.  


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