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Ash Borer Update 2017

We have been treating ash trees for 14 years and have done thousands of ash injections.  For the first few years we treated with imidacloprid and for the past ten years, we have used TREE-Age (emamectin benzoate.)  TREE-Age has proven to be an outstanding chemical for killing and preventing ash borers and is the Treatment of Choice for this pest.  University research has proven that this chemical gives over 99 per cent control and our experience has certainly been consistent with that research.  Our success rate has been over 99% and we have seen some amazing recoveries of trees with severe infestations of ash borers.  Read our Emerald Ash Borer page for more detailed information.


TREE-Age is labeled for two year control of ash borers.  Therapeutic levels of chemical are present for two years, so current recommendations call for injecting ash trees every two years.  This is the ONLY chemical that is proven to give two years of control with each treatment.  See the Multi-state report at the link on the face page or the emerald ash borer page.

It is possible that the injection interval may be lengthened when the ash borer populations are lower or if future formulations of the chemical last longer in the tree.  But currently the best advice is injecting every two years to give excellent control of ash borers.


The main cost of the injections is the cost of the chemical.  It currently costs around $400-500 per quart retail including sales tax.  The price should be stable now that several companies are able to market this chemical (emamectin.)



We usually start our injections in mid to late April.  Even if your last injection was later in the season, we will still try to do it in spring for optimum uptake and distribution into the leaves and twigs during the spring growth flush.  

Fortunately, studies have shown that even late fall and winter injections result in distribution of the chemical throughout the tree when the tree wakes up in the spring.  So if your trees have not been injected and you are in an at-risk area, don't wait for spring, but do the injections as soon as you decide to have them done.  


Treatment effectiveness is guaranteed on ash injections of trees that are in reasonably good health when treated.  If a  tree is questionable, it may still survive if treated, but we would inform the homeowner before proceeding with treatment.   If an ash tree dies from ash borers within 2 years of our injection of TREE-Age, we will refund or credit the cost of treatment.  See details on guarantees and warranty page.


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