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Pricing of tree injections by various providers of tree treatments can be confusing to the consumer.  Widely disparate quotes may be hard to interpret.  Here are a few of the elements to consider:


1.  Trunk injections have become an excellent alternative to sprays for managing many destructive, lethal and/or nuisance pests and diseases of trees.

2.  Efficacy (how well does it work?) and cost are important aspects to consider.  Some treatments are proven and supported by science and some are not.  The pricing by companies depends on the type and amount of chemical used and the labor and logistics of getting the agent into the tree(s).  

3.  A good example is ASH BORER TREATMENT AND PREVENTION.  A customer with 100 diameter inches of ash trees may have 10 trees that are 10 inches in diameter or 3 that are 33, 33, and 34 inches in diameter.  The material cost for the three trees is nearly 4 times the material cost for the 10 trees because of dosage recommendations.  The labor cost may also be higher due to difficulty of getting the high dose of chemical into the larger trees.  

4.  In this example, the quoted price for treatment of 100 diameter inches of ash trees may be twice as much for the three large trees.  We may quote $400-500 for the 10 small trees vs. $800-1000 for the three large trees if all other variables were the same (accessiblilty, etc.)

5.  Consumers can and should insist upon information about dosage, efficacy and other considerations when confronted with a significant difference in pricing for tree injections.  


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