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We are seeing much more euonymus scale in home landscapes.  This armored scale infests the leaves and stems of ornamental euonymus bushes and vines and can cause yellowing, defoliation and even branch or entire plant death.  

For control of this insect, sprays are often used, but with less than complete success.

We have been able to achieve excellent control using dinotefuran by soil injection, sometimes supplemented with spraying of the same product.  In many cases, the success has been long-lasting, up to two to three years with one injection.

A homeowner product that contains dinotefuran is Ortho Tree and Shrub Insect Control.  Be sure to look for the active ingredient dinotefuran.

The cost for the commercially applied product is high, (brand name Safari or Transtect) but the results are worth the cost.  Many of our customers have paid for several sprays with dormant oil, summer insecticides, summer oils, etc., but have never seen good control.  


This is another armored scale that we are seeing more of recently and it can also be difficult to control.  As with euonymus scale, we have achieved excellent, long-lasting results using dinotefuran.


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