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Integrated Pest Management


Our IPM program emphasizes careful monitoring for pests and disease, while applying CULTURAL and BIOLOGIC controls when possible and limiting the use of CHEMICAL pesticides to only very specific and targeted application.

A very targeted and specific EARLY SPRAY is applied only to trees and evergreens for which there is a well defined indication.  The timing varies according to the pest or disease to be controlled or prevented.  The early spray may be applied anytime from mid-March to mid-May and is based on weather, species, and past history of problems.  

MONTHLY LANDSCAPE INSPECTIONS by a certified arborist serve to identify potentially harmful pests or diseases and then apply the least toxic and most efficacious controls with timing for maximum benefit.

In many cases, no further sprays are needed and can actually be harmful, causing phytotoxicity and destroying natural enemies of many pests.  We prefer to watch for signs of significant disease or pest infestations and treat if and when necessary.

SPECIAL  SPRAYS or TREATMENTS may be needed for specific problems found in the current or previous seasons.  COVER SPRAYS applied to all landscape trees and shrubs are not a part of our program.  Such cover sprays result in excessive pesticide use and harm the natural controls (predator insects and mites). 


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