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Sprays applied for specific identified problems.  Some problems require just one properly timed spray.  Others require a series of sprays.  Many times when we are called by a customer to come and spray a tree or trees, a spray is not needed or the timing is wrong. We will always inform you regarding the best management of the problem at hand.



Landscape trees and shrubs may benefit from fertilization. Landscape trees often have to compete with turfgrass for water and nutrients. Leaf litter is often removed, thus removing some of the natural nutrient return which occurs in a natural, wooded setting.  Some soils have been damaged or compacted.  Sometimes the roots have been damaged or covered by paving or structures. Some trees are planted in sites which are not favorable.  Soil pH or nutrient content may be a problem.  Trees with disease or pest damage may recover more quickly with timely fertilization.

We apply fertilizer when it is needed, not just routinely, as is customary with many lawn and shrub care companies.  When we apply fertilizer, it is applied in adequate amounts and with slow release nutrients, so that it is needed only 2 or 3 years or even less frequently.  Excessive fertilization can actually increase some pest and disease problems.  Sometimes, if natural mulch is applied, future fertilization is not necessary.


TREE INJECTIONS  (see separate page on tree injections)

Trunk injection of nutrients, insecticides, and fungicides is becoming a more and more valuable part of our tree care regimen.  We can prevent Emerald Ash Borer and Bronze Birch Borer damage, manage soft scales, such as Cottony Maple Scale and others, and prevent some diseases of trees.  Micronutrients can be administered.

The ARBORJET system is an excellent way to administer many of the products we use for tree care.  University studies have shown excellent results using this system for ash borer prevention, and because it lasts two years, the trees do not have to be drilled annually as they do with other injection methods.

For Dutch Elm Disease prevention, macro-infusion with Arbotect is a tried and reliable method to achieve up to 99% prevention of the disease for up to three years with one injection.



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